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My work with young children varies depending on the personality and needs of the individual child, as well as on the particular concerns or goals that the family has. I act as an individual poised to help the child as a mentor and guide to build confidence, self-reflection, combat stress and anxiety and develop a way to express the unspoken. My 39 years of experience working with children and families as well as my professional credentials and training have provided me with resources that are deep and wide.

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Testimonial for work with children from a parent

"Our two daughters have experienced such love, compassion and support from D'vorah over the past several years. They have grown to know and trust themselves and their inner journey. D'vorah has been a support  when we needed to process through some of the hard times we have experienced and has been there to celebrate with us during some of the most beautiful moments of our girls lives. I am truly grateful for the way that D'vorah has given my girls the tools needed to navigate through their teen years! She is truly an integral part of our family!" - LL

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