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Omer Practice Decks

Day 13 (1).jpg

Omer Practice Deck: Birds #13

This set of Omer Cards is meant to be used for viewing/study/inspiration and as a guide for an intentional practice.

Each Omer painting consists of 49 individual panels.

Each panel has been reproduced and assembled in a collection of 49 cards.

The individual cards are meant to inspire deep reflection.

The images are on one side, the writing to contemplate is on the reverse side.

DAy 50 1.jpg

Special Print Offer: The Omer painting: Birds #13 is available in several sizes giclee high quality printing on Innova soft texture fine art paper.

18” x18” - $200

14” x 14” - $150

10” X 10”- $75

Shipping costs are additional.

0 connections.jpg
Omer Painting 2024, Connections

This painting called "Connections" is just that. I created this painting with the intention of making many connections happen through it. I consciously painted elements in each panel which would connect to the surrounding panels. I also added pockets of sewn in leather remnants to make a connection to other areas of my art making.

Once painted the pockets disappeared into the panels. I then used them to hold objects, primarily from nature, in an ongoing, ever-changing connection to the natural world.


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Touch #4, Boundless #2


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