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Welcome to my Blog, a place for me to share my thoughts, my art, my writing and any treasures that come along the way ... 

I Pray

I pray for what is supposed to be.

Supposed to be and sometimes isn’t.

Sometimes isn’t noticed but is always there.

I pray for the full space, the continuum, the constancy.

I pray to the East. Potential. Beginning,

The West. Done is done, for now.

The North, frozen in it’s ever changing constancy.

To the South, full light of day, greets greatest growth, greatest potential.

Be kind.

Be without shame or guilt.

Be limitless and set limits.

Hold self, hold others, hold it together, let it fall apart.

Let it all fall apart.

Love my natural self, my baby self, my child self,

my woman, woman, woman self.

I pray for that too.

For self and for connection.

For breathing in, and taking it all with me.

And breathing out and sending it all back again.

Forward tide

non resistance,


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