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Writing for me is like dancing; if I let it move freely the unconscious shows up. The truth of me, and all of that happens even in the face of what I have been told about product. It’s can be totally liberating.


Cosmic Parenting

 A Path to Wholeness

Personal and Professional Reflections on Parenting Yourself and a Child

Available Fall 2024

In this gentle but honest guide I invite the reader to self-parent, to become the positive parent to the little child inside that remains with us throughout our lives. Being a positive parent to the Child Self provides a model for parenting the child you might be raising. Through anecdote, example, specific language to use and even poetry; the experience and wisdom of a life time spent engaged in parenting and teaching brings real-time, real-life advice.  As a student of Dr. Maria Montessori, Dr. Clarissa Pincola Estes, Dr. Marion Woodman, the I-Ching, The Toa, and of course, 40 years of practical work with families and children, I have come to the conclusion that raising the Child and re-raising ourselves is no less than revolutionary. And most of the changes we need, the things we can shift and must shift, start with a simple apology. Apologizing.

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