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D’vorah Horn is a life-long studio artist, with university level training in painting, drawing and sculpture. D’vorah most recently exhibited a series of translucent paintings on acrylic in 23 separate locations in the Philadelphia area, including rehabilitation centers, hospice care, transitional housing shelters and the University of Pennsylvania’s infusion treatment center. In 2014 she founded Mending Spirit, Art For Healing, a non-profit organization that brings art, artists and art making into challenging environments. Her content, and the multi-media she employs in her paintings, are varied and have a quality of crossing genres.

D’vorah holds degrees in philosophy of education and political theory, as well as Masters degrees in human development (MSW), early childhood development, elementary education and Montessori education (Med). From 1984 – 2006 D’vorah was the founder and head of school at Bayt Yeladeem: a Montessori Children’s House, serving families throughout the greater Philadelphia area. She spent 25 years consulting with and mentoring schools, families, teachers and institutions. c . 2024 

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