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My Philosophy of Parenting is
Yes Parenting
I believe in Yes parenting. Essentially saying Yes, Yes, Yes until you have to say No.  If you do this with structure, if you do this with clarity, if you do this with consciousness, if you do this while you are doing your own work, then why not say Yes?

The universe says Yes.  God, by any name, says Yes.  Why not say Yes to your child?  You are not going to keep them or yourself safe just by saying No. You are going to keep them safe and help them by teaching them to say No for themselves. You won’t lose their respect, you won’t lose their regard, you won’t lose their trust in you if you say Yes.  You don’t even have to say Yes - but. You can say Yes - and.  So, I am a Yes parenting person.  Say Yes!   Say Yes to their ideas, their inspiration, and their energy.  Say Yes to their need for boundaries.  Say Yes to their need for containment. 
Just say Yes, and teach them how to say an inner No or, if necessary, an outer one as well. 
This is my philosophy of parenting which I offer and share.

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