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- Roz Clemens


"In dream the unfettered unconscious mind uses our imagination and brings us symbols. Through these symbols we receive the information we need to bring the unconscious to consciousness, and “consciousness changes things”.

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I am trained as a Jungian based – Marion Woodman oriented individualized dream “worker”. What this means is that when I meet with you we look into the meaning and messaging coming from the unconscious through dreams. We work to find the wisdom, guidance and treasure that comes forward from the unfettered unconscious and arrives linked to personal and universal symbols creating a “story” for you to benefit from. Bringing something to consciousness gives you choice, and dreams come for that purpose.

A Testimonial for Dream Work from “Traci”:

I was skeptical to do anything related to dreams, as I didn't really know much about this kind of work.  But a friend fervently recommended giving D'vorah's practice a try when I was facing a tough time in life.  Working with D'vorah turned out to be beautiful, astonishing, endlessly safe, helpfully introspective, and healing.  I became better at remembering my dreams, wrote them down, and brought them to D'vorah. This work was a gift to me. It enabled me to talk and think about some things that needed attention.  I was able to get "unstuck" in so many ways, to give myself permission to move forward on a positive path. I was stunned at the powerful effect my sessions with D'vorah had on my perspective on the challenges I was facing.  I cannot say enough about how comfortable D'vorah made me feel. She builds powerful trust quickly, and guides these incredibly caring sessions like an old friend who wants the very best for you.

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