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TEENS 13-18

A message to young adults/teens


I work as a guide and a mentor; I have been studying, practicing and have been trained in this work for many years.

I am not a therapist, though what we do together is very therapeutic.


I listen very carefully; there are many things I “get” and can help you “get”on a very deep level.


You get to have space that is not demanding, just for you, safe, a place to talk or not, that is completely confidential, and sometimes, if necessary, silent.


Our time together helps you find a way to leave behind what others say or think about you, and what society tells you about what you are supposed to think or believe about yourself.


I have tools to share, actual practical things, which will give you the gift of feeling: “I got this”.


The tools we use will give you a “what to do next”.

The tools we explore keep you in connection to your-Self and

to the experience of not having to believe that you are somehow inadequate - or that you are alone.

A Testimonial from Miss A

2012-2019 12 -19 yrs old:

“My time with Devora made me a stronger women . I gained amazing coping skills and ways of expression through the practice.  I can truly say I would not be the same person with out her amazing sessions.”

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