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Regaining, recapturing and mining memory through an individualized practice based on the medicine wheel healing of American Indigenous origins. You will create something rich and unique with my guidance, and in a safe container.

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medicine memory 2.JPG
A testimonial and description for Memory Medicine Wheel from “Renie”:

I have had the great pleasure of working with D'vorah on creating a Memory Wheel. This practice has multiple components--journal writing, connecting objects (both found and created) to memories, development of conscious rituals, mindfulness. In her gentle and supportive way, D'vorah co-designed this project with me, helping me mine my memories for essential truths and leading me to experience sense-memories ​connected to specific objects. This practice, still in progress, has guided me to a healthier relationship with memories I had thought were gone or which I was avoiding because of their power. The Memory Wheel itself is for me both process and product--a physically beautiful piece of art imbued with meaning and an ongoing practice of self-exploration. D'vorah brings her whole self to this work and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue working with her!

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